Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What I've Been Up To

With another school year wrapped up I'm anxious to start my summer respite with some much needed soaping therapy!  The soap room is a disaster and the molds are screaming to be put to work once again.  Not to mention the poor neglected soap cutter that hasn't been properly broke in yet.

In April I took a trip to "not so sunny" San Diego with School Nutrition Association.  Perhaps it was a good thing the sun was hiding for most of my time there as I was at a conference and it would have been torture to be stuck inside.  It was still cold, heavy coat wearing weather, and snowy at home.  At least I got to break out the sandals, ditch the winter coat for a few days, and dip my toes into the Pacific Ocean while I was there.

My Sophie
As the past winter was a long one, and never seemed to want to ever go away, I spent a lot of time huddled under a blanket that I was crocheting as part of a Crochet Along project ~ Sophie's Universe ~ written by Dedri Uys.  Sophie became my best friend, and I would anxiously await the release of the next rows each Sunday from January through May.  This project started out as a blanket for our bed, the finished project needs very little added to fit our queen size bed.  However, it was mutually decided that this Sophie will be the perfect gift for some special friends of ours getting married this summer. Not to mention, I have several more Sophie's in progress.  :)

Ah, but I've been twitching to break out some new fragrance oils that have been waiting for me and restock some soaps that are...um...out of stock!  Now that summer respite from the day job is upon me, let the fun begin!
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