Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Reclaiming My Space

Soap Cakes & Cupcakes
Busy as a bee, I've been reclaiming my old soap room and office space after my younger daughter found her own place.  Let's just say I've got product and supplies stashed all over the house, and that is a huge problem!
Bath Treats

Bit by bit, I've been moving everything out of its hiding spot back to 
our "soap home".  The task is quite the undertaking, and I have been very calculated in what gets moved and when.  When it comes to heavy furniture I ask for help, otherwise I have been quite content to make the move myself.  

Supplies Closet
One room for finished product set up like a store, the other room for production, curing, packaging, and shipping.  Only problem being, I'm discovering exactly HOW much I really have...and so is my husband.  His only comment, "That's my Four Wheeler".  

Molds C.loset
I'm far from being finished with the move.  I'm giving you a peek inside the space now, and will make a video once the move is finished and everything is settled once again.  
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