Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bath Bomb Fizzies and The Massive Snow Melt

It is hard to believe how fast the snow banks and snow piles are melting around here.  Just last weekend my husband was out enjoying the last weekend ride on the snowmobile trails.  By Tuesday the snow had melted so much that they officially declared the trails closed for the year and each day we've seen more of our yard emerging (yippee) as the snow continues to melt at a rapid pace.  I can see over the snowbanks at the end of the drive without having to scoot up in the seat and do the "hope and pray no one is coming" as I back out (yeah!).

Planning for the summer food service program and the 2014/2015 school year has kept me quite busy the last few weeks (did I mention we have started operating a supper meal program 3 weeks ago?) and I am anxiously counting down the next 5 days until spring break starts on Friday afternoon.

Bath Bomb Fizzies
Earlier this month I made a new batch of Razz Nilla Soap, and a big pile of bath bomb fizzies.  While the soap won't be ready for another couple weeks, the bath bomb fizzies are now available for sale.

After the traditional celebratory launch of vacation I will be tackling some much needed spring cleaning around the house.  After the de-clutter and cleaning is finished, I have compiled a list of soapy projects that I hope to tackle.  OK, the list isn't JUST soapy projects, I have a lot of other ideas (companion products) to go WITH the soapy fun...just in time for Mother's Day!
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