Friday, April 25, 2014

Winter Disconnect is OVER...Hello Spring!

A sign of spring
The landscape has dramatically changed around here the past couple weeks.  The ski slopes hope to remain open for another couple weeks, but for the most part our snow is gone and the green grass is slowly emerging, the buds are coming out on the lilac tree (YES!) and some trees are starting to bud out, as well.

Easter Sunday I caught a glimpse of the first flowers of spring emerging from one of the flower beds around the house.  These are miniatures, a gift from my hubby for our anniversary about 10 years ago.  I planted them in the ground and moved them two years ago, dividing them so they could "breathe" once again, and they were eagerly coming back to greet me once again.  Their beauty is a welcome sight after the long dreary winter we just endured and inspired me to sit and enjoy the beauty of my yard once again.

Just like I have felt a disconnect with my yard this past winter, the same rings true of doing business online.  Sometimes it is hard to feel a connection with customers when doing business online instead of face to face.  Orders come from near and far, mostly from people I have never met or had a connection with in the past.  It's hard to read body language, find out what the customer is looking for, and guide them to the product/scent that would appeal to them.  If the customer doesn't leave feedback or you never hear from them again it leaves one to wonder if they liked their order, or not?  Some customers return and the relationship grows.

Despite taking a couple years away from the soaping business, I do have customers from the past that are happy to have me back.  Our relationship is rekindled, much like seeing someone you haven't seen in a while. They know they can ask me to send an order on a short time line, and/or wrapping up a gift with personalized messages to send directly to their intended recipient.  The trust we've gained with each other is much like the bond between old friends.  

This week I received an order from someone who lives in the same town as I do and I offered to reverse the shipping charges so to personally deliver the order. The customer was delighted and agreed to the arrangement.  I've seen her around town but had never been formally introduced, so this was a great opportunity.
Gift from a customer

Imagine my surprise when upon arrival, she gifted ME the sweetest (personalized) gift for making the time and effort of delivering the order. She paints on tree mushrooms/fungus and painted this for my business.  This absolutely made my day and I walked away with a big smile on my face.  I hope she can be successful in her endeavors to market her artistic talent.  I know I will enjoy my gift for many years to come, and this will be displayed in a prominent place in my soaping room and on the table when I go to shows.

Moments like this definitely makes one realize it really is a small world after all.
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