Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goat Milk Soap Success

This morning I was in a hurry to get out the door and trudge the icy roads to work.  I only had a few minutes to look at the soap before I dashed out the door and noticed the soap was quite warm in the mold.  The soap was already hardened, so I quickly pulled it out of the mold and noticed it had changed to a medium tan color.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the soap had returned to the nice creamy color like it was when I put it in the mold by the time I returned from work.  After the soap was cut into bars I am super delighted with how the soap turned out!

Orange Patchouli Goat Milk Soap

Tonight I made the must have soap in my house at all times ~ Kitchen Soap.  It has coffee and orange essential oil in the soap, making it a great bar to have by the kitchen sink to use for general handwashing but in particular after cutting onions and garlic.  This soap neutralizes the odors on your hands and is nourishing for your skin. 
Kitchen Soap

I also use this soap after I have been gardening as it cuts the grime and has just enough abrasive qualities from the coffee to remove the ground in dirt that I seem to always get on my hands despite the fact that I use garden gloves. I have mechanics that swear by this soap, and have even had one person buy it when they are making Christmas wreaths as it cuts through the pitch.

Shop Update ~ I hope to have my soap supply built up enough to reopen my shop mid to late March.  :)  Keep watch for news of our Grand Re-Opening. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Could Wait No Longer!

Mr. Moo helps groom the snowmobile trails and had a piece of equipment that was in need of repair tonight.  So, I wasted no time jumping into bubble mode as soon as he left...move over dinner plans until the soap is mixed and in the mold!   A short time later the first batch of goat milk soap emerged.  Yippee!!!

I must say that the new soap room is the perfect space for creating goat milk soap as it is colder than the rest of the house, and perfect for keeping the soap from heating up after going in the mold.  As I have basically only dealt with powdered goat milk in the past, working with fresh milk was a new experience for me.  I mixed the frozen milk with a bit of the lye over a bowl of ice to keep the temp down, and when that was mixed in, added more in small amounts until all of it was mixed in and the goat milk completely thawed and incorporated with the lye.  The goat milk never got too hot, and when mixed with the oils stayed a nice creamy color. 

After pouring most of the soap into the mold I decided to add some mica to the remaining soap for a swirl of color mixed into the soap. This batch is an Essential Oil mix of Sweet Orange with a touch of Patchouli.  About an hour after the pour the soap is behaving beautifully and not heating up.  When hubby came home he knew I'd been the mad scientist in the soap room as he could smell the evidence as soon as he walked in the door.  LOL 

Post to follow with the unmolded log and cut bars. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Soaping Update

On a rare moment this past week I went on Craigslist stumbled upon a large lot of soap making supplies that a local goat farmer purchased with the intent of making soap.  After making one batch they decided soap making was not for them and decided to sell the goods.  Win, win for moi!  This was a major score as the lot contained over 200 pounds of oils and butters, along with a bunch of other soaping goodies, AND about 100 pounds of frozen goatmilk.  Needless to say, I see a lot of goat milk soap on the horizon in the near future.

After lugging the score into the house, with Mr. Moo's assistance, it was time to find a home for all of these treasures.  I had an old cupboard/counter stored in the laundry room since we remodeled the kitchen in 2007.  I had decided it finally needed to go and lugged it out on the porch on Monday.  Today it came back into the laundry room so I could store the lot of soapmaking goodies.  In a very short time the laundry room was transformed into a functional workspace, and everything is organized.  The only remaining projects include hanging a metal wire shelf to store the fragrance oils and lugging a big table from upstairs and then the soap room will officially open for production.

Every time I make a batch of soap it is my intention to write a post with photos of the soapy goodness. I need to stock pile a bunch of soap before I will be ready to reopen the shop.  I can hardly wait to get started.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh the Fun of Making Bubbles!

Bubbles, soapy fun, the fragrances, the messes. Yes! I have missed all aspects of the soapy fun and creating so much! The bubble making vacation is over!

The plan in June 2011 was to go back to school and finish my degree now that my kids are all raised. Two days before classes were to begin plans changed drastically when we became full-time parents to our grandgirlies and our house was a jumbled mix of craziness. Now that the girlies are back with the parents we miss them terribly and wonder how in the world we ever survived, but we did.

The soap molds are dusted off, and a dedicated workspace for the bubble making madness is in the works. Seeing as Mr. Moo doesn't like soap in his sandwiches, this prohibits use of the kitchen for future bubble creating. I'm itching and twitching to mix and pour soapy fun in the molds!