Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh the Fun of Making Bubbles!

Bubbles, soapy fun, the fragrances, the messes. Yes! I have missed all aspects of the soapy fun and creating so much! The bubble making vacation is over!

The plan in June 2011 was to go back to school and finish my degree now that my kids are all raised. Two days before classes were to begin plans changed drastically when we became full-time parents to our grandgirlies and our house was a jumbled mix of craziness. Now that the girlies are back with the parents we miss them terribly and wonder how in the world we ever survived, but we did.

The soap molds are dusted off, and a dedicated workspace for the bubble making madness is in the works. Seeing as Mr. Moo doesn't like soap in his sandwiches, this prohibits use of the kitchen for future bubble creating. I'm itching and twitching to mix and pour soapy fun in the molds!
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