Monday, September 7, 2009

Rich and Creamy Vanilla Buttercream Collection

It's a yummy addiction for your skin like no other...

Body Lotion ~ This is the perfect formula that leaves your skin feeling soft without that greasy slimey after touch.
Loofah Soap ~ Your feet are going to Thank You! We've taken a generous slice of loofah and submerged it in a luxurious helping of 100% Vegan Friendly Glycerin Soap. What can be better than a nice bar of scented soap that will both exfoliate and cleanse those rough, stinky feet?
Body Lotion Parfait ~ This is a very yummy Body Lotion Parfait. Smells every bit as yummy as it looks (but we don't advise eating this). Chock full of skin loving goodies and layered with aloe vera gel...what can be better than that?
Bubble Bath ~ This Bubble Bath offers loads of bubbles to enjoy alone, or with someone special. So unique in that you could use the product as a shower gel. Versatile and full of awesomeness!
Natural Soap ~ This soap is dripping with the essence of rich and creamy Vanilla Buttercream and we've tossed in some brown sugar for exfoliation. The superfatted soap formula is my own signature formula. It will leave your skin feeling extra pampered and loved.
Whipped Sugar Scrub ~ This is some great stuff! We've taken our Whipped Soap and combined it with some sugar ~ creating a fabulous scrub! Leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and moisturized. Best of all, this product is Paraben Free. A little goes a long way with this fabulous Whipped Sugar Scrub.
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