Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Counting My Blessings

I knew it was something serious for them to come get me in the middle of serving lunch at school yesterday to take an emergency phone call at my desk. My husband, forgetting he is not invincible, headed off into the woods to cut more firewood to get us through the rest of the winter heating season...alone & not wearing a helmet...on snowshoes. His sister had a funny feeling that she should stick around while her brother was in the woods, Thank God she followed that heeding! A short while later she got a call that he needed some help as a tree had come down on him. He was lucky ~ a gash across his eyebrow that required stitches, a slash along the length of his nose and across his lip. He looks real cute! Today he feels a knot on his head ~ not from the cast iron frying pan this time ;-) and his shoulder is tender. It could have been far more serious because at the time the tree came down he was preparing to start up the chain saw. I shudder to think!
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