Saturday, February 14, 2009

Monster Cookies

Growing up my mother would make Monster Cookies. I was always amazed at the size of bowl/pan required to mix up the tasty treats. The name of the cookie, I have decided, isn't so much a description about the size of the cookies but rather the amount of cookie dough you end up with.

It was loads of fun to take turns stirring up the massive batch of cookies, but I never paid much attention to the amount of time spent baking them after my mother had us take turns mixing the dough. And, I never really paid much attention to the fact that we had container after container of cookies stored away in the freezer after the baking frenzy.

The recipe was passed along when I got married and I've made them a few times, and decided today was a great day to mix up a batch while I had two kids and one "adopted" kid that were willing subjects to do the mixing. After about 4 pans into the baking process I decided a recipe of this size would be more fun if I had the oven space and larger sheet pans like I use at school.
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