Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Visiting Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah
Last week I was in Salt Lake City, Utah soaking up the awesome desert heat and sun as much as possible! One day I was busy hiking through the Exposition Floor at the Salt Palace Convention Center when one of the Vendors lured me in for a photo opportunity.  

While I was in Salt Lake on business, I did get to take in some of the local sights.  The hotel where I was staying was very close to Temple Square.  I enjoyed walking through the grounds and viewing the buildings and gardens, hearing the choir rehearse, and catching a pipe organ recital.  I had been eagerly anticipating free time on the last day to take the tour of the LDS office building to the 26th floor where you can see The Salt Lake.  Much to my disappointment, that tour was canceled for maintenance last week. Guess that means I need to plan a sight seeing vacation to Utah.

While in Salt Lake, one of our food vendors provided transportation to the Hogle Zoo for a BBQ and fun evening.  When you go to the zoo the animals sleep all day, but after 5 pm it's feeding time, and they were interacting with us.  It was, perhaps, the best zoo viewing experience I've ever had.

By the end of the week I was energized and charged up with multiple new ideas to implement in the school meals program that I am responsible for.  I was also very tired and ready to return home to my family.  Upon take off at Salt Lake City Airport, I quickly realized my sight seeing moments in Utah were far from over when we circled up over The Salt Lake!  I quickly began snapping photos throught the window of the plane, then sat back in my seat to enjoy the flight home.

The Salt Lake view from plane

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