Sunday, January 25, 2015

Time For a Change

Spotted Cow Soaps
I've been toying with the notion to build my own web store for well over a year now, and it has finally come to the point where I felt it needed to be done.

I have my own personal reasons as to why Etsy is no longer a good fit for my business, but I won't turn this into a bowl of sour grapes.  What I will mention is that the biggest reason for the change is economics.   It is cheaper for me to purchase a monthly hosting fee elsewhere than to continue with things as they have been. The last several months I have spent more on  listing fees and per transaction fees per sale than it would have cost me to pay hosting fees for a website of my own.  Please realize this is not including the transaction fees imposed to accept through Paypal or Etsy's Direct Check Out, which is understandable and expected.  

This is actually good news for me, because this means sales have been steady and growing.  During  the transition period current listings with Etsy will remain until they sell or run out.  All new listings, products, etc. will be listed in our new storefront.  I've still got a lot of work to do but this is a start to turning the page and starting a new chapter.  
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