Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Newest Love

Isabella found her thumb!
My husband mentioned the other day that I need to update my "Grandma Times 2" picture on the right side of my blog since we've had the addition of two step grandgirlies last summer and a new grandgirlie in November.  Next time we have them all together we'll be sure to get a photo of all 5 grandgirlies together so I can update my photo.

Isabella...ah, what a cutie.  She has red hair, which I'm happy about.  I had high hopes that one of my children would end up with red hair like their father, but looks like it skipped a generation.  She had the strong genetics of being gifted with red hair due to the fact that the grandfathers on both sides were blessed with red hair.

Now three months old, she's discovered her thumb, much to her mother's dismay.  (LOL)  She's also trying to mimic what we do.  If we stick our tongue out, she does.  If we make a noise, she attempts to do the same.  Very much aware of her surroundings, and extremely easy to startle.  There has been many a moment of laughter over her ear piercing screams of fright over much of nothing.  We're starting to experience the attempts to giggle, as she's found my squeaky voice since Friday night to be amusing.  I look like Grammy but I don't sound like Grammy and so she grins, squiggles and squirms around as the beginnings of a laugh start to emerge.

It's amazing how quickly one small human being can win over ones heart.

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