Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lovely Soy Candle for Valentine's Day

Razz Nilla Soy Candle
So I've been a slacker in blog land once again (sigh).  I've been happily enjoying the newest grand girlie, and boy is she a real charmer already!  :)

On a creative note, the Holiday season depleted a lot of stock and supplies so time to plan and restock. Most recently I have been creating and testing soy candles to add to our product line this year.  A fun adventure, indeed.

I discovered a wonderful soy wax that resists bloom unlike most soy wax on the market.  The consistency of this wax is creamy, and offers a great scent throw both cold and hot.  Combined with a cotton wick, I'm deeply pleased with the eco friendly burn and overall end result of the candles.

The Razz Nilla Soy Candle shown above is now available in our online shop, just in time for Valentine's Day.

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