Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Tropical Oasis

I take a deep breath and smell the salty air coming off the ocean through the open doorway as warm breezes kiss my skin. I quickly open my eyes to take in the views of the tropical oasis when reality sets in...I'm laying in my own bed, buried underneath a mountain of blankets to keep warm, hear my husband snoring next to me and the furnace clunking in the basement as a blast of warm air pours from the register. Sigh....It's that time of year when winter begins to wear on me and I dream of warmer climate. Most of the snow has stayed south, pushed further north, or missed us far this winter. I'm not missing the snow all that much, but I sure am missing the warmer weather. I'm all for ditching the coats, scarves and gloves in favor of shorts and tank tops. This year I feel more cabin fever than I've felt in the years before, most likely because last summer we didn't have much of a summer to speak of. The yearning for warm tropical air is beckoning me. I hope the lack of snow means an early spring and nice warm (and long) summer. But until then, my tropical oasis will have to greet me in my dreams.
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