Friday, August 14, 2009

Inspired by Summer Beaches

Summer is winding down and we're finally feeling some summer heat up here in Vermont. A trip to the ocean this time of year is always a lot of fun. That is out of the question for me this year as I am deep in back to school preparations, and up to my eyeballs in the installation of a new walk-in refrigerator and deep freeze unit with funds I was lucky enough to snag from a federal stimulus grant. I can't help but dream of lazy days lounging around the beach, and thus the inspiration for today.

Stroll on the Beach is a unique blend of ocean breezes, coconut, and sandy beaches. This lotion does not leave you feeling greasy or slimey after applying to your skin. This is the perfect formula that quenches thirsty skin but also leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Best of all, it can be used from head to toe!

This Spa Bath Accessories Set in Sea Glass is made with 100% cotton yarn, a renewable resource, making this an Eco Friendly option. These can be safely machine washed and dried. Colors may fade and shrink slightly on the first wash, but gets softer and more absorbent the longer you use it. This set includes 1 (one) bath puff, 1 (one) spa washcloth (approximately 8 inches square), and 2 (two) face washers (approximately 2 inches square). The washcloth and face washers come with hanging loops making it easier for drying out between use.
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