Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life Moves On...Leaving Entrecard in the Dust

Admittedly we all make choices and with those choices there are consequences. Such is the case with Entrecard. All of the good intentions to bring in paid advertisement as a means to turn credits into cash for members ~ Great concept, very poor execution.

I have many faithful readers and fellow Entrecard members that have made their daily drops in an effort to buy a 24 hour window of advertising on my blog. Many of you have had to wait 7-10 days for your your ad to run on my blog. I am OK with paid ads, so long as they wait in line for their spot the same as those who have spent their credits to advertise on my blog. I do not feel it is fair for those paid ads to jump to the top of the dog pile and share the advertising spot with my blogging buds who have been waiting patiently for their ads to display. The same blogging buds that meticulously dropped in on other blogs day in and day out to earn the credits to purchase the ad spot on my blog.

I am refusing any and all paid ads, cancelled those paid ads I had previously approved, and I have set my account to not accept any new adverts purchased with credits. The last ad purchased with Entrecard credits will run on my Entrecard widget on April 8. After that, the Entrecard widget will be removed from my blog.

Thank you for understanding.
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