Thursday, November 20, 2008

TurDuck...Tee Hee....

Living with a hunter you never know what will end up in the kitchen and be required to fix for a Holiday meal. I can remember several years ago when hubby brought home a wood duck from a hunt. He was delighted with his catch and insisted the duck be cooked for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Now, if you've never seen a wood duck dressed out, you might be surprised to know that they are not exactly the largest bird. To compare the size, this one dressed out about the size of a cornish hen. There was no way this little, I mean, LARGE duck would feed the masses for Thanksgiving Dinner. Hubby suggested we tuck the duck inside the turkey to roast. Perfect fit!

Family started to arrive, my mother helped me put the final touches on the big feast. Hubby was raving and bragging about his wonderful prized catch to the family. The time came to carve the beast, but first the duck had to be removed....hubby's pride and joy. He reaches inside the cavity of the turkey and reveals his prized catch.

Coming from a family of non-hunters, they were just as shocked as I was over the "large" size of this duck. My mother started laughing and asked "Did you remember to pull the pacifier out of its mouth before you shot him?" The room errupted into laughter, and it's a good thing hubby has a great sense of humor about him.

Laughter always seems to be key to any family gathering. It doesn't matter what we eat around the table for Thanksgiving, or any other family gathering, the laughter with loved ones around the table is the best part. Even silly TurDuck stories from years gone past.
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