Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 2008 ~ Etsyblogger of the Month ~ Storybeader

Not only does Storybeader create beautiful jewelry, she also writes a story to accompany each piece. This is one of my favorites:

“Doves Rising”

The young woman looked
Out the tipi towards the white
Doves and rising sun.
- Deborah Baroff, the Storybeader

Native Americans face their tipi to the east. This way, when a person first goes out in the morning, they will be greeted by the sun.

Deb was one of the first Etsybloggers to greet and make me feel a welcome part of the team. She is very deserving of being named Etsyblogger of the Month. In addition to her wonderful shop, Deb also keeps an awesome blog ~ Stroll Through Storyland that you really must check out!
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