Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wedding Favor Sampler, Part 1

Favors in the molds
The work has started on the wedding favors that will be part of the favor samplers that will be going into the gift boxes for prospective brides in attendance at an upcoming bridal show.

Heart embeds were made with glycerin soap that has similar qualities to cold processed soap in that it is less likely to sweat.  The process was a labor intensive undertaking due to the fact that the molds had small indentations in the center of the hearts which needed some definition, so I went to task piping the red centers.

Once the embeds were complete, it was on to making the cold process soap for pouring the mini cupcake bottoms and piping the tops.
Curing Favors

After 72 mini cupcakes I ran out of molds and had to wait until they set up enough for releasing from the molds.  And the fun begins of creating the next 72 mini cupcakes!

Eventually these will be wrapped in organza bags before getting tucked into the favor sampler boxes.
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