Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Favors for Special Occasions, Parties, and Events

Birthday Party Bath Treat Favors
This summer has been a busy one for me both personally and professionally.  Additionally, the soap business has kept me steadily busy with retail orders, wedding favors, birthday party favors, bridal shower favors, baby shower favors, and wholesale orders.

Bridal Shower Heart Soap Favors
Currently I am working on gift boxes for an upcoming bridal event, which I am thrilled about.  This is the second year I've been asked to participate in this upscale bridal event.  Last year's request came with a very short time line to pull together a worthy contribution, but proved to be a valuable marketing tool for my soap business.  I can only hope that by having more time and thought going into this year's contribution, and developing a bridal sampler of favor themed products, that this year's contribution will net even more business.

Soy Candle Wedding Favors
In addition to soap, I have started pouring soy candles this year.  I had a wedding this summer where I free hand painted a custom design on the votive cups to match the theme of their invitations, and used a fragrance that the bride and groom both love.

Baby Shower Pacifier Favors
Custom design soap molds came into the picture when I came up empty handed with the availability of soap molds in the size I needed to finish my project.  I used a method found on You Tube using 100% silicone caulking and dawn dish liquid.  While this worked sufficiently for what I needed, I have decided that I will be investing in silicone mold making material that is available commercially for future custom mold making projects.

As the last few weeks of summer vacation rapidly close in on me, I've turned my focus toward autumn and Holiday themes.  Judging from the appearance of the leaves on some trees already (yes, some have already got patches of color emerging), I guess the change of weather and cooler temps is sure to take over before we know it.
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