Friday, December 31, 2010

Meet Pruitt Creations

Baby It's Cold outside! And I'm thinking back to warmer days this past late spring/early summer when Linda aka Pruitt Creations, Pruitt Designs, and Pruitt Supplies paid me a visit. It was exciting indeed to meet one of my blogger friends live and in person because we live on opposite sides of the States!

Here we are along with my son, the nervous boy who was worried about his mom meeting a "stranger" from the Internet. Did you know that Linda?

I knew exactly where to take Linda so she could capture the real feel of rural Vermont. Two Linda's meeting for the first time, and I took her to meet my friend at Neighborly Farms, who also happens to also be a Linda.

Spending a few hours with Linda made me realize how close we've become in the virtual world and in particular, the EtsyBlogger Team. Online we are pictures, shops and chats in the forums...but we've become a real part of each other's lives. A day doesn't go by that I don't stop to think about my Blogger friends. Linda, a Breast Cancer survivor, is now a Blessed Grandma times 25! I felt like I have known her forever in the few short hours we spent together.

Before Linda departed she gifted me a beautiful cup cozy and even sent me another one for my husband to use. They are great, and a real life saver when we out on the road. Makes holding a hot cup of coffee so much nicer, and they are reusable!

Linda's talents amaze me. Not only does she make beautiful fabric creations, but she also makes gorgeous jewelry. She will be closing Pruitt Designs soon and is holding a sale until Jan. 15 so be sure to visit that shop soon!

Be sure to visit Linda's Blog, Pruitt Handcrafts, to keep up on her shops, creations, and family news.
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